1 110 Slides Order Form Please ONLY send the DEPOSIT!
2 Note: Because of possible damage,
we do NOT clean your films. Clean with a microfiber cloth before you send them.
We will invoice you for the balance when we finish your project. DEPOSIT To Send:
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7   Name Affordable Old Photo
8   Street Address 400 Bittersweet Lane
9   City, State, Zip Waupun, WI 53963
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12   Phone Number Affordable Old Photo
13   Email address Call For Drop Off Info For Waupun Office
14 Note to Artists and Professional Photographers:
What you really want is Drum Scanning.
Don't expect $30 drum scans for 39 cents.
Waupun, WI 53963
15 Call for Waupun drop off: 800-844-1393
16   Enter Estimated Total in Box BELOW.  $20 Minimum for scanning 
17 110 slides in 1 1/8" holders
18 110 slides in 2" holders
19 Number of up to 4x6" Paper Photos to Scan
20 Number of up to 5x7" Paper Photos to Scan
21 Number of up to 8x10" Paper Photos to Scan
23 Click anywhere on the page to update at any time. Total Scans:
24 Additional Services
Amount Cost Per
25 Making Photo Prints: Min. $10 combined.
Must be Scanned First.
Scanning not included in pricing below.
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26 4"x6" photo prints
27 5"x7" photo prints
28  8"x10" photo prints
Sets Wanted Shts Per Set
32 Thumbnail Catalog Sets. 30 images per page $1.00
34 Click here for info about Thumbnail Catalogs      
35 Text Frames.          Send text in an email  Text Frames:   $1.00
36 Click here for Text Frame Info
37 Inter-Mix dissimilar mediums.
Ex: paper photos with slides. 127 slides with regular slides
This is an option for those that need it. $1 per insertion. $1.00
38 Click for info on "Inter-Mixing"
39 Extra "Shows" or "Chapters"  12 are Free. These are NOT titles. Each stack or combination of stacks or carousels is a show.   $1.00
40 PREP: Please do my slide orientation prep for me!
I don’t have the time.
43 Select SLIDE SHOW disk or IMAGES ONLY Data Disk Select disk type Disks    
44 JPG images on a DVD Data Disk    
46 DVD Slide Show Disk with images stored on disk   NO CHARGE!  
48 DUPLICATES or Extra disk sets Duplicates or Extra Sets Wanted Disks needed $ per disk  
49 Duplicates or Extra CD data disks instead of DVD data disks $10.00
50 Duplicate or Extra DVD DATA Disk Sets $10.00
51 Duplicates or Extra DVD Slide Show Disk Sets $10.00
 Total for Dupes 
53 We can work with you on what you need. Call if you don't see it listed.
 Sub Total: 
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57 Shipping is estimated and will be determined by the final weight and distance. We don't know what your job will weigh but return shipping should be very close to what it costs you to send to us. We do not profit from return shipping to you. Select: Shipping Or Pickup:
58 NON USA, including USA territories. Click Here for important INFO.      
59 I want to pay extra to have someone sign for return delivery at my location $3.50
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67 Print this page and send it with your order. If you did not already make arrangements, you will be added to the end of our schedule when your job arrives. It is assumed that you have read and understand our FAQ page. Please clean your slides before sending. We do not clean slides. Affordable Old Photo
400 Bittersweet Lane
Waupun, WI 53963

Call to drop off: 800-844-1393
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69 If you want to pay extra for insurance on your return shipment, enter Ins. $ here:    
70 Please Read Carefully:
71 Please watch and follow  the instruction movies for Slide and Photo prep. Click HERE if you haven't watched them. We have to charge a small fee, if we do the slide prep for you.
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76 We need you to fill in this form on-line, print it out,
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78 Please note that we will not transfer Porn or Nude slides or photos. Please send them to our competition.