Straight transfer to Digital of
VHS Tape
VHS-C Tape
Unedited Footage.
Everything stays with us. We do not ship anywhere but back to you.
  Est. Hours   Digitizing Cost  
Estimate the number of hours
of Tapes to digitize:
$30 for first two hours, $15 for each additional hour. Each Tape Rounded up to the next Half Hour.
$15 MINIMUM per Tape, regardless of minutes
NO Editing.
DVD Disk Included in Price.
2 hours per disk
Duplicate Disks  $     10.00
Rewinding Fee
Rewind your tapes to the very beginning to avoid paying a rewind fee.
 $       2.00  
 Sub Total 
Wis. Residents pay Wis. Sales Taxes    
  We will bill you for shipping.
Shipping charges are at cost.
 Deposit you need to send with your order. 
Print this page and send it with your order. If you did not already make arrangements, you will be added to the end of our schedule when your job arrives.
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