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NAME desired on disk: (??????? Family Photos?)  ______________________________


Number of .jpg images to create into a DVD playable Slideshow: ________

1-100 Images = $20
$20 minimum order

Additional Images 5 cents each.

Example: 500 image Slideshow = $40.00

Number of "Shows" or "Chapters" on the DVD Menu? $1 extra per show over 12, up to 12 is free: _______


For DVD disks, figure on a maximum of 500 images per disk.


Slideshow conversion to VHS tape? __________

Cost is $20 extra. It is necessary to create the DVD playable Slideshow first and then copy that show to the VHS tape. It takes a lot of time. You get the DVD Slideshow and the VHS Tape.


Extra DVD Disk Copies? How many? __________        Each duplicate is $10.

Music Added to the Slide Shows? See music instructions. ________________


Thumbnail Catalog   Color Printout sheets of your photo thumbnails? $1 per 30 photos. ___________




Click here for detailed instructions on how your digital images should be organized on your CD disk before you send it to us. We will have to charge you extra if you don't organize correctly. For these prices, you have to do some of the work.


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Send us an email with your tracking number so that we will be looking for your package.

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