Slides To Prints Order Form #4

1. We scan and print all the slides that you send us.
2. Don't send any slides you do NOT want printed.
3. Clean your slides with a microfiber cloth before you send them to us.
You will be happier with the results, if you do this, especially for prints.
Personal Info
No PORN or NUDES. Please send them to our competition.
Helpful Links:
2x2" Common Slides
3D Stereo Slides
"110" Slides in 1 1/8" Square Holders
"120" Slides in 2 3/4" Square Holders. Glass, Metal or Thick are OK
"127" Slides
Should we crop your images to fit to the print size?
Too busy to do your slide Prep?
Difficult Slides Extra Charge
Clean my slides? Yes, but not 110 slides. Too small.
Please realize that your slides may have defects or mold or mildew that has eaten into the emulsion and even expensive film cleaner will not remove it.
Even with cleaning, the results will not be perfect but they will be better than not cleaning.
Affordable is not responsible for any damage caused by cleaning the slides.
We encourage everyone to at LEAST go over each slide with a micorfiber cloth before you send them in.
Along with your prints, you get your images on a Free disk
Our return shipping is based on weight. It should cost us close to whatever it costs you to ship to us. We can't tell until we weigh it.
Signature Upon Delivery?
Shipping & Handling
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