10 Free Demo Scans. USA Only.

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Either 10 Slide Scans: 2"x2" or Up to 4"x6" Print Scans. NOT BOTH.
Regardless of the container that you send your demo slides to us in, we will be shipping back to you in our special envelopes and will NOT be including any of your boxes or plastic sleeves. We are doing this for free and have to keep our return postage within reason.

You will be able to download the high resolution images (with our logo on them) from the private webpage we will use to display your images.

Please understand that the demo scans have our logo on them and are only good for seeing the quality of our scans given the condition of your slides.

Negative or specialty scanning is not included in this free offer.

Please make sure you put enough postage on your envelope or they will return it to you. Take it to the Post Office and they will help you. Play it safe and put $3.50 on it. If the envelope is "irregular" thickness, then they consider it a "parcel" and the charge for a 2 oz. parcel is $3.50. The Post Office will do everything in their power to make sure your envelope is classified as a "parcel" because then they can charge more for it than first class. They have a lot of rules and no two postal workers will give you the same answer on this type of mailing consistently. It’s a judgment thing and they need the money.

Do NOT send as "Media Mail". They will return it to you or they will send it to us and charge us for a parcel and we will have to bill you for the additional costs.

Send your good slides and bad ones so you can see exactly what we can do. Probably half the slides we see are bad ones that we can improve.

If you package your slides as we recommend, it should only cost you about $1.00 cash for postage to send them to us and to get your free scans and demo disk.

Yes, we will return your slides

This free offer is limited to slides that are in 2" x 2" holders. None smaller or bigger.

Limit of NO Glass Slides or Metal encased slides for the free scan offer.

Limit of ONE set of ten free scans per household or family.

While your image scans will be at our standard high quality, these images will display our logo across the middle and so will only be good for testing our service.

Demos turn around in about 2-3 days.
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